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N. 173 Pret a porter Spring Summer 2016

ERAKLE is a fresh, innovative and conceptual brand that wants to give an idea of comfy chic, versatile and luxury fashion, thanks to important sartorial details, experimental cuts of great visual impact and the use of innovative materials. Designed by the Korean
fashion designer Euna Go, who has completed her studies in fashion design first in Seoul and then at the Polimoda of Florence, ERAKLE,
produced in Prato, with a showroom in Milan, is planning both the opening of stores in Italy and the launch of the online e-commerce
section on the official website. Rendez-Vous de la Mode met the fashion designer Euna Go.

How was your passion for fashion born?

Thanks to my mother who used to create tailored sweaters and dresses for me and taught me to use the sewing machine and to express my own style. Then, after having studied fashion design in Seoul, I came to the Polimoda of Florence to complete my studies in the field and I gained experience working for important Italian companies and brands, such as Ermanno Scervino.

What does Fashion mean to you?

Fashion is an essential instrument by which we communicate and express ourselves, what we are and feel. Every day, by choosing what to wear, we decide, also unconsciously, to show who we are, our emotions and moods to the world. In Seoul I could not decide whether to continue my studies in America or in Italy, but then I chose Italy because here there is a great freedom of expression. There are trends, but everyone makes them his or her own, interpreting them according to how he or she feels.

Pagina RendezvousHow do you define your style?

Practical, comfortable and elegant. Easy chic. I love creating romantic and feminine clothes, but most of all comfortable and easy to wear. When I design I already have in my mind the whole outfit. At the same time, as my typical customer is a strong businesswoman, who loves dressing well and, as regards fashion, perfectly knows what she wants, I like the fact that, before my proposals, she does not limit herself to choose among my total looks, but she knows well how to combine clothes of different outfits so as to create her own unique and personal style.

What are the fabrics and colours of the new collection?

First of all, a lot of lace, because I love it – I am romantic – yet combined with technical fabrics to create a bright and contemporary contrast. As for colours, the new palette ranges from the classic black and white to extremely bright nuances like yellow, fuchsia and blue, always plain colour. In this collection I chose, in fact, not to use patterns, preferring to express myself through the beauty of full colour!